The owner's career in brief

At the Colliery Emscher-Lippe in Datteln, part of BAG Westfalen, one of the Ruhrkohle predecessors, I did a two-step apprenticeship, first in installing electrical equipment and then in electronics of power supply equipment. In my first job I worked at Colliery Minister Achenbach until I joined the army. After my service, I worked as the head of the development and admission departments at several suppliers of mining equipment, later on as an authorised representative. Beside my job, I did a qualification as a certified technician. Following that, I obtained a distance learning university degree in Electrical Engineering (with a focus on power technology) that was followed by a graduation as a B.Sc., M.Sc. and a Ph.D.from a US-American university.

Working for more than 40 years for different suppliers of mining and steel technology, I have thus been able to gather numerous experiences with the requirements that machinery and equipment have to meet in mining, chemical and other industries. These experiences continue to provide an extremely valuable basis for further assignments and consultations.

Networking with the relevant institutes, bodies and authorities has always played a key role; some of them are the regional and local mining authorities and local trading standards departments, professional associations etc. The network also includes national testing and certification bodies, e.g. DEKRA EXAM (Expert Body BVS) in Bochum; the IBExU in Freiberg; the PTB in Braunschweig; the different locations of the technical inspection authority TÜV, and the rope testing facility in Bochum, but also international contacts, e.g. Barbara Colliery in Kattowice, Poland; the CMLEx in Ellesmere Port near Liverpool, UK; the EECS in Harpur Hill Buxton, UK; the FMRC in Massachusetts, USA, and the CSA in Toronto, Canada. Personal contacts have been established by the owner which are extremely useful to get good work done.

The start-up of my own company was done in in 1992.

From 2020 onwards, a gradual handover of the explosion protection activities to my very esteemed colleague Geoffrey Stenzel will take place. He has founded his own engineering office in Essen on the site of the former Zollverein colliery and he can be contacted at
For my customers I will remain the contact person for the time being. :)

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