The Ex-Forum is the place

…where our community will help you regarding matters of explosion protection of electrical and non-electrical equipment. It can also be used for training purposes.

We would like to welcome you as a visitor to our Forum and to participate in an exchange of information and opinions on explosion protection and electro-technics. There is also a small guest register for comments.

All open forums can be read by every user, and writing rights will be granted once you have registered (which won’t take long). In addition to other information, the main topics discussed are:

  • The current editions of the key European standards (EN) for manufacturers of Ex-equipment and the essential changes compared to the previous editions
  • The same applies to users/operators
  • And a lot of discussion regarding aspects of explosion protection for both the operators of Ex-systems and the manufacturers of Ex-equipment.

Registered users will be able to use additional support for free:

  • All attached data (pdf, images etc.) will be shown
  • Download of further useful documents e.g. the current Ex-Kompass, our current posters, EU directives and guidelines, acts and much more  


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